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Intrigued by downtown development but don't know where to start?

I get it - development is complex!

Rookies like you often have 5 burning questions:

  1. Is Redevelopment Right For You?
  2. Is Your Town Ready For Redevelopment?
  3. Who Can Help?
  4. How Do You Find the Right Deal?
  5. How Do You Know It's a Good Deal?

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P.S. - bonus resources are at the end ;-)

See you on the road to redevelopment!


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Hi, I'm Katie - 

full-time flipper turned downtown developer in my hometown Bryan, TX. 

Thanks for joining me on my mission to revive Main Street USA, one market at a time, using real estate redevelopment strategies that work to build wealth for you AND your community.

Steal my strategy for building a $15M portfolio of residential, commercial, and mixed used buildings, using both build to sell and build to rent models. 

The best part of your new real estate strategy?

You get to match profits with passion.

Seriously y'all, nothing beats seeing a town you care about grow and thrive because of your efforts to create housing and commercial opportunity.