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Become An Investor-Builder

Simple frameworks for real estate development and new construction.

Wealth for your family. Housing and commercial opportunity for your community. 


•don’t cash flow and appreciate; It’s always one or the other?

•turn into a full time job (without a payday to match all that time & effort)?

•leave you feeling empty, like you’re not contributing anything unique? 

Maybe it’s harder and harder to find rentals that cash flow?

Or your house flips aren’t profitable anymore?


Say hello to the last real estate investing strategy you'll ever need...


more than just a smart wealth-building strategy.

Better Returns

Use my savvy mix of strategies (like build to sell or build to rent) in the right market for cash flow AND appreciation.

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Less Competition

an underrated real estate strategy; you could become THE developer in your market and snatch up massive opportunities that others miss.

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Match Profit with Passion

Build a lasting legacy by helping your community thrive. Create housing and commercial opportunity for local entrepreneurs with residential or mixed used asset classes.

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The first time I tried new construction, 

I had no clue what I was doing. 

I looked everywhere for resources, a how-to guide, a developer who was doing what I wanted to do...

I found zip. Zero. Zilch.

But I knew I was frustrated with the results of the other real estate strategies I tried - low income-rentals, multifamily, flips, you name it. 

15 years of real estate investing and 8 year of development experience later, I have a $15M portfolio that cash flows $12k a month, and a "job" I absolutely love. 

Now you can do it, too.

(with less money flushed down the drain while you learn "the hard way")

My content and online programs teach you to harness new construction strategies like build to rent or build to sell, and asset classes like residential, commercial, and mixed use, to build wealth for you and your community. 

My mission???

Revive Main Street USA, one market at a time, 

by tackling the housing shortage and bringing life back to smaller towns with oh-so-much charm and potential. 

That's my passion, my profit, and my purpose I live out as a real estate developer in Bryan, TX. 


Invest where you're invested. The wealth will follow. 


DIY Guides

Take the first steps into real estate development. Download your free Rookie Roadmap, Market Ready Checklist, and read the blog for breakdowns of essential concepts.

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The only group coaching program that hands you a roadmap for every real estate development strategy you'll ever need. 

The Build to Sell Breakdown Online Course

All the tools you need to jumpstart your new construction journey and find a build to sell deal in 90 days.


Grab your free Rookie Roadmap -

5 Steps to Confidently Launch Your First Downtown Development Project 


I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night