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Real estate strategies that build wealth for you and your community. 
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Old real estate investing strategies not as profitable as they used to be?

We’re in a new era of real estate. 

So you need a new powerhouse strategy…. 


✅ Create a flexible, resilient investment portfolio 

✅ Discover the right redevelopment strategy for your goals + market.

✅ Build wealth for you and your community.

Save Time

Shorten your learning curve with 1:1 strategy sessions, Q&A calls, and pre-recorded videos lessons. 


Save Money

Development project timelines are long. Cut yours by just one month and you could reclaim the cost of this program in holding cost savings alone. 

Fewer Headaches

Get action items and pitfalls to avoid for government regulations, raising money,  managing construction, and more. 

Rookie Redeveloper is the guide I wish I had when I started. ūüďć

  • Step-by-step roadmap¬†for your redevelopment project.
  • 2 one-on-one coaching calls:¬†optimize your¬†strategy, no matter what stage of the process you're in.
  • 5 Live Q&A calls:¬†tackle roadblocks, celebrate wins, and clarify next steps.¬†
  • Developer's Operating System: templates, spreadsheets, worksheets, and checklists¬†to¬†organize your¬†project.
  • Live Bonus Trainings: Learn from experts on topics you¬†and your cohort care about most.
  • ¬†Feedback + community in the exclusive Rookie Redeveloper forums.¬†
  • Training Archives: Replays of all past Rookie Redeveloper bonus trainings
  • BONUS:¬†$2500+ worth of bonus trainings and resources.
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Hi! I'm Katie, 

ex-corporate banker, turned full-time flipper, turned real estate redeveloper in Bryan, TX!

When I got started in redevelopment, there were ZERO resources out there to help me know the right first step.

I learned by trial and error, and made a million-and-a-half mistakes along the way (some more expensive than others).

Rookie Redeveloper is the guide, resources, and support I wish I had back then (and I don't know of another program like it!)

I dish out the strategies that built a $15M portfolio of residential, commercial, and mixed used buildings that cash flow $15k a month. 

The best part? 

These strategies build wealth for your family and your community with a legacy of properties that help your market thrive. 

Whether you want to build to rent, build to sell, dive into mixed use, or restore an old property...

I want to make your road to redevelopment easier than mine was. 

My 7-Step Redevelopment Roadmap Streamlines Your Progress and Maximizes Your Profit:

Savvy Strategy & Market Research ūüĒć

Match the right strategy to your goals and your market.  


Seal the Deal

Know you can build what you want, where you want, and make money in the process.


Attract the Money

What combination of funding options is right for your project and experience?


Pre-development and Design

Create a site plan that brings your vision to life (and is practical to build).



(aka Contractor Psych 101)

Lead your team through this crucial phase like a pro.


Sales, Marketing, + Management

Maximize your returns after all your hard work.


Exit Strategy

Set your business, team, and investors up to be ready + excited for the next deal! 


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Bonus #1: 

Access my self paced course The Build to Sell Breakdown

$497 value 

Bonus #2

Build Your Development Dream Team Training (video series)

$197 value

Bonus #3

Recorded tax strategy Q&A with Amanda Han CPA

$197 value

Bonus #4

LIVE bonus training with my branding and marketing strategist Kelsey Lake

$197 value

Bonus #5

Build Plan PDFs  - examples for residential, commercial, mixed use, build to rent and build to sell. 

$297 value 

Bonus #6

Build to Rent and Build to Sell Deal Calculators 

$197 value

Bonus #7

Advanced Underwriting & Syndication Training

$97 value

Bonus #8

Due Diligence Timeline Tracker 

$97 value

Bonus #9

The Vault - All past (and future) Q&A sessions with real estate redevelopment experts 

$349 value

Bonus #10

Alumni discount on future 1:1 coaching.

$350 savings for each session

That's $2500+ worth of bonuses. ūüôÉ

ūüöÄPLUS¬†alumni have a standing invite to all future live trainings.

ūüöÄPLUS¬†lifetime access to the forums, online modules, and all future updates to the program.¬†

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Frequently Asked Questions

When you launch your road to redevelopment with Rookie Redeveloper,

you’re getting the structure, accountability, strategy, and support you need to shorten your development timeline, maximize your bottom line, and confidently add a powerhouse real estate investing strategy to your toolbelt. 

In each of our 5 months together you'll:

  • unlock a new step in your Redevelopment Roadmap
  • work through resources
  • tackle roadblocks and get next steps in our Group Q&As
  • customize your journey with your 1:1 strategy sessions
  • sharpen your skills with bonus trainings from redevelopment experts
  • build new connections and get invaluable accountability for a community of likeminded investors.¬†

Each step of the way, you’ll have access to feedback, support from your cohort, and an entire vault and library of training videos + resources.

By the end, you’ll be ready to go from redevelopment rookie to rockstar, with the confidence to take your vision from concept to closing.  

Become an investor-builder.

Unlock the long-term wealth and short-term profit of a resilient, flexible redevelopment portfolio.

Lift up your community with restorative, sustainable strategies that increase housing density, and provide commercial opportunity for local entrepreneurs. 

Join Rookie Redeveloper

See ya' on your road to redevelopment ūü§†

Get more tips, inspiration, and behind-the-scenes looks at how me and my team revive Main Street USA with redevelopment strategies that build wealth for you AND your community.